Nov 16, 2010

PAVI Awarded BC’s Education Quality Assurance Designation


BC’s Education Quality Assurance Leads the Way as Four New Schools Receive EQA Designation

With one year under its belt, the EQA Designation forges ahead in establishing a distinctive presence in Education Quality Assurance for BC within the international education market. Launched last year on November 17, 2009, EQA remains the first and only provincial quality assurance brand in the Canadian post-secondary education landscape.

BC's EQA Designation owes much of its success to the strong collaborative relationships between private and public institutions and the variety of reputable industry associations in post-secondary education in the province. Inclusive of all sectors, the EQA seal equally represents and promotes a diverse range of designated schools – and the list is growing.

Four new schools have recently been approved and added to the EQA Registry, gaining their accreditation through one of the following provincial quality assurance bodies: the Private Career Training Institutions Agency, Languages Canada or the Ministry of Advanced Education. With a unique range of associate degrees, university transfer, online, language and career training programs, these schools increase the reputation of our province’s diverse post-secondary system and further enhance BC’s quality reputation internationally.

  • Fraser International College
  • Greystone College
  • LSC Language Studies Canada Vancouver Ltd.
  • Pacific Audio Visual Institute

The momentum continues to build as the EQA seal gains increased exposure internationally. Students are becoming increasingly aware of the EQA brand and the assurance and support it offers them when choosing an overseas educational destination. The easily-recognizable brand creates a unified platform from which institutions can clearly communicate the quality of education and assurance of services they offer to international students. This month, BCCIE’s EQA Manager is travelling to China with 15 BC post-secondary institutions  to market the BC education system and institutions at the upcoming Maple Leaf Student Recruitment Fairs from November 18-28, 2010. In addition to participating in  ministerial and institutional meetings, the EQA Manager will be promoting BC as a first choice study destination through Study in BC presentations and actively profiling EQA and EQA-designated institutions to learners, agents, institutions and foreign government. EQA-designated schools attending MLES are clearly denoted on all BCCIE printed and online collateral, which include a link to the BC EQA website where learners can access a complete list of BC EQA-designated institutions.

For more information on the EQA Designation or upcoming MLES Fair, please contact EQA staff at or 604.637.6756.
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EQA Advantage- for Students

The EQA Designation helps you identify which provincial post-secondary institutions have met government assurance standards and offer consumer protection.

The EQA Seal provides one standard provincial trademark for educational quality assurance that is recognizable worldwide and:

  • Allows international students to easily see which BC institutions have met government recognized quality assurance standards and offer consumer protection,
  • Eliminates the need for learners to understand the different provincial quality assurance processes that govern each type of BC post-secondary institution,
  • Helps parents, counsellors, agents and officials support students to choose a quality post-secondary institution for their overseas studies
    The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development is responsible for setting regulatory requirements for post-secondary education in BC and determining the quality assurance standards that must be met by institutions in order to be eligible for EQA.

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